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winter market attractions : Banksy’s exhibition in Brussels to be seen right next to Saint Catherine’s Square

The Winter Market in Brussels at St. Catherine’s Square is an annual festival that takes place in Brussels at the end of the year. The event features entertainment and activities for all ages, including street performances, ice games, rides, food stalls and craft markets. In addition, musical entertainment is provided each evening. Visitors can also enjoy ice sculptures and fireworks.

The Banksy exhibition is located a few meters from the Place Sainte Catherine and the Place De Brouckère and is accessible during the whole Winter Market Festival.

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Why visit the Banksy Brussels exhibition, featuring life-size works by the artist ?

The Banksy Brussels exhibition is a must-see for exceptional reproductions of Banksy’s work. This exhibition is the only one with full-size replicas, making it a unique experience. 

The reproductions are created using street art painting techniques to ensure that the colors and textures are as close to the originals as possible. 

The exhibition is a great way for visitors to see Banksy’s work and learn about his vision for art and society.

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What does Banksy denounce in his work?

In his work, Banksy often exposes social and political injustices. His work deals with issues such as war, inequality and abuse of power. 

He also criticizes the media, anti-immigration movements and large economic groups. His works are often sarcastic and provocative and aim to encourage the public to think beyond preconceived ideas.


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Where to find the Banksy exhibition in Brussels?

Exact name : Banksy Museum

Phone : 02/649 49 83

Address : 28 rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels