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Banksy Museum: The exclusive exhibition of Banksy’s reproductions in Brussels

The Banksy Museum: The exclusive exhibition of reproductions of Banksy’s work in Brussels presents the artist’s work in a new way. It presents reproductions of his most famous pieces, permanently exhibited at the museum.

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Presentation of the Banksy Museum Brussels: Who is Banksy? What is his work? 

Banksy is a British street artist, political activist, filmmaker and painter. He is known for his provocative street art and subversive epigrams.

Banksy’s work can be seen on walls around the world. His work has been featured in numerous books, films and television programs. Banksy’s work emerged from Bristol’s underground scene, where artists and musicians worked closely together in multidisciplinary projects.


Banksy Museum Brussels, the repository of Banksy’s quality reproductions. 

Banksy’s work has been seen on the streets, walls and bridges of cities around the world. His satirical street art addresses issues such as class inequality, war, capitalism and the general ills of society.

The Banksy Museum in Brussels has become a repository of quality reproductions of Banksy’s work.


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Where to find the Banksy exhibition in Brussels?

Exact name : Banksy Museum

Phone : 02/649 49 83

Address : 28 rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels